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    Averages in x,y chart



      I'm a bit of a QlikView newbie - so this might be quite obvious!


      I have 20 different fields of about 200 records.  The 20 fields are 10 pairs of questions each pair showing the customer satisfaction and the importance of a particular aspect of a service.


      I want to produce a point chart that plots the average satisfaction and the average importance for each of the 10 of questions.


      I've no idea how to go about doing this in QlikView

      Can anyone help?




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          Friedrich Hofmann

          Hi tim,


          very welcome! Just split your table (using the function rowNo()) into one table for each type of question (two tables) - I think you can use the MOD() function to find out whether rowNo() is even or uneven.




          Best regards,



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              Hi DataNibbler,


              Thanks for getting back to me.


              As I'm new to QlikView I htink I need more of a step by step guide.


              In the attached spread sheet, I have the data in the form in Table 1

              I guess I need to get it into the format in Table 2 (or maybe not?)

              To produce the cart show.


              I'm sure your suggestions were useful but I'm not sure how to go about using them!


              Thanks again,