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    QlikView document not available in workbench object in visual studio

    Some Nath Roy

      Hi All,


      I am not getting any qlikview documents under drop down list of qvObject in MS visual studio.

      At QV server below having settings :


      System -> Set Up -> QlikView Servers -> DMS authorization

      System -> Set Up -> QlikView Web Servers -> Authentication -> Type - > Ntlm

      LEF entry has WORKBENCH;YES;;

      At my local machine web.config file contains below entries:




          <sectionGroup name="QlikViewWorkBench">

            <section name="General" type="System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler" requirePermission="false" />





            <add key="Proxy" value="/Proxy.aspx" />

            <add key="LogFile" value="" />

            <add key="Custom" value="" />

            <add key="QvAjaxZfcPath" value="http://<server_name>/QvAjaxZfc/" />



        <appSettings />

        <connectionStrings />

      I can view the QlikView documents after login through access point from my local machine. But in Visual studio when drag and drop qvObject on a .aspx page not getting any document or not even asking to enter user id / password thus i can see authorized qlikView Docs under smart tag.

      Can anyone please point out what I am missing ?