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    yet another question about acces section

      Hi there !

      I'm completely new to Qliksense and I'm quite confuse with the section access system (i, Qsense enterprise) .Here is my problem.

      I have 4 SQL tables:

      1. UserTable:that lists the users in the field userID ("Mydomain\Account" )
      2. DeptTable: that lists of the departments in the field GroupID ("dep1", "dep2"...)
      3. role_user:  that makes the join between the previous two. One user may be in many departments.
      4. dataTable with all the lines of datas that I want to restrict using  the user's department(s) in the field GroupID


      Reading the help, I guess I don't even have to bother with the first 2 tables. The role_user should be enough to handle the security.

      If I got it right, the section access should looks like:


      section access;

      LIB CONNECT TO [myserver(myaccount)];


      SQL SELECT "User_ID" ,   "GroupID"

      FROM "DB"."dbo"."role_user"];


      section application;

      LOAD... the dataTable that contains the data fields and the  GroupID field


      And of course, It dosent work.


      Could someone gives me a simple example of what need to be done ?


      Thank you very much in advance.