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    Choosing colors for each measure on a combo chart.

      Hello to all,


      I am kind of new to Qlik (I've been reading the tutorials and such) and I'm stuck while trying to do a Combo Chart with some dummy data.

      The chart on the attachment is good but not exactly as I want.


      I want that chart to be a different color from JAN to AUG which are the months that are already closed. Now I'm able to this with this:

      IF(todaysmonth >= month, Red(),Green())

      on the "color by expression" field, but then I want the color the rest of the months with the colors I pick, per measure.


      Is there any way of doing this?

      The only way I saw of doing this involved 2 dimensions, using something like this on the color expression:









      but I can only have 1 dimension on a combo chart.


      Thanks in advance.