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    Problem with source documents in QMC



      I have an strange problem.  We are using QlikView 11.20 with the publisher installed.

      Since different departments are developing and publishing applications, we wanted to setup some security on the QMC.  Therefore, I wanted to start using Document Administrators, and setup the folders in the Distribution Services with the respective document administrators.  This did not solve the problem, every Qlikview administrator is still able to see/manage all documents, also the ones he is not a document administrator for.

      A side effect of this setup is that my scheduled reloads fail.  Looking at the source documents, all folders have an orphan folder with the complete folder structure underneath.


      Deleting tasks there, also deletes them in the proper folders.  Has anybody seen such a fenomenon, and can you tell me what I am doing wrong?


      Thanks a lot for your reply!

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          Bill Britt



          The issue is you need to break down the source folder for each user. You can't pick the top level for each users, because it will allow each user to see all the document . Look at the picture below. If I set the Source Document for each user to c:\source document all users would see the document in user1 and user2  folder. So, if I only one user1 to see the document in the user1 folder I would assign him to the user1 folder only.