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    How to create and configure users in QlikView

      Hello everybody,


      I am new in QlikView, and I am setting up everything so I can access from anywhere to my documents, using the QlikView AccessPoint. So far, I have been testing the tool with a test document, and I am able to connect from the outside of my server using the same user:login that I use when I connect to the server (i.e. the Windows user and pass). The final document is meant to be accessed by people from another company, and here comes my question: how do I create a specific user:pass for this external company, so when they type the url to my AccessPoint ( myServerIP/qlikview/index.htm), they are asked for a user:pass, then they can type the created user:pass (not the one that can access to my server, a new one made up exclusively for them), and they access the place (just been able to see the documents I want them to see)?


      I come from a Microstrategy project, and in this tool it was as simple as creating a user and granting them permissions, but in QlikView it looks like it is not as straightforward as just doing that.


      Please I will appreciate any answers. I am looking forward to starting using this new technology.


      Thank you!