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    scale (aggregated) axis to 100%

      Hi there,


      I have created a bubble chart (see other ticket regarding this issue: link):



      Now I'd like to achieve a couple of more things.


      The first thing I'd like to get to is a 100% scale on the y-axis.

      Unfortunately the "Static Max" checkbox is greyed out:



      I guess that the reason behind this might be the calculated dimension for that axis:


      =NUM(    (    aggr(    Sum({$<[accepted]={1}>} [accepted]) 

                      /     Sum({$<[accepted]={1}>} Cntr) , [range]


              ), '#, %')


      Not sure about that, though.


      It always autoscales the axis but I really would like to have it to always show 100%.

      Any idea how to get there?



      Another question would be to show another dimension  (int values) on the x-axis at the 0-line. IS that possible? I think I have seen that somewhere but can't find the option for that.



      Any help is appreciated!