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    Learning path/docs for Qlik Sense

    Przemysław Jedynowicz



      Could anyone try to describe the learning path for Qlik Sense? What are prerequisites for it (from developer point of view, when already knowing QlikView) and what should be the path step by step?


      I could guess that it could look like this (please correct me if I'm wrong):


      1. HTML5+CSS3

      2. JavaScript basics

      3. AngularJS

      4. js/qlik library(s)

      5. Qlik Sense Desktop

      6. Qlik Sense Extensions and Mashups



      1, 2 and 3 should not be a problem, because the knowledge is there on the internet, but what about js/qlik library, or other libraries needed? Is there any documentation for it? Internal file/js editor in Qlik Sense is still in beta, I would say... it's missing some features that would make development easier. Documentation on help.qlik.com is assuming that you already have knowledge about the qlik libraries... (I could be wrong here, but I feel like beeing thrown on the deep water when it comes to creating new mashup templates for example)


      Thanks for help in advance...