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    Logging in with DOMAIN\user.name or just user.name ?

    Simon Hogg

      If I log in to Qlik Sense through a web browser it will quite happily accept my user.name, but if I access it through a mobile device (on the same WiFi but not enrolled in the same domain) it asks for (demands) DOMAIN\user.name


      Now this isn't usually a problem except for when I try to log on as the local machine administrator for admin purposes.  If I log in with ".\administrator" it will create a valid user to whom I can assign a token but if it will create it as "ComplexHostName\administrator".  If I then log in through a mobile device with ".\administrator" it will create a separate user (".\administrator")


      That's not a huge problem but it means I'm using two tokens, and there is then a mismatch of content visible to the administrator (as well as a possible mismatch of admin roles).


      Also, I can always use "ComplexHostName\administrator" but our host names are set in stone and difficult to remember, so I'd rather not have to do this if I'm on the road.


      Is there some magic way to make ".\administrator" and "ComplexHostName\administrator" map to the same user?