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    Qlik Sense - Additional Fields in KML Files for Mapping

      I'm trying to create a boundary map in Qlik Sense using a census tract KML file from the US Census Bureau.  However when I load the file I only get three available fields - Name, Point and Area.  Name is the Census Tract Value, Point is Null and Area is the geo coordinates that define the tract.  The problem is that tract alone is useless when dealing with multiple counties (subdivisions of US States).  Census tracts are not unique between counties, so for example if I select census tract 1801.0, I could be selecting it for 3 or more counties.


      How can I bring in more than these three fields?  I've reviewed the KML file and it has data for State CD, County CD, GEOID.  Any or all of these would suffice to provide the granularity I need.




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