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    HELP! How to recover apps?

    Simon Hogg

      (First of all, I'll admit this is my mistake!)


      I had installed a trial version of Qlik Sense (2.0.1) to try it out, however I seem to have mis-remembered the "Super User Password" for the Repository, so I couldn't upgrade.


      Having read a thread somewhere else on these boards, I copied all the data from %ProgramData%\Sense to a backup - this removed the repository (plus all the settings, users, etc).  I was then able to upgrade successfully.  I set up my installation again from scratch - this wasn't too bad.


      However I belatedly realised the files I copied out of %ProgramData%\Sense\Apps are not .qvf files, so I can't re-import them.  (I also can't just copy them back into the Apps folder - they do not show up as valid apps).


      Is there any way to recover these apps that I have spend the last month putting together?  I don't even mind downgrading to the previous version, but as I don't have the SuperUSer repository password for that version, i don't think that's going to help.

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          Simon Hogg

          Well, thanks to another thread on here I learned that the "binary" files (the apps with a long hexadecimal name but without an extension) are just QVF files in disguise.


          The solution I found was to add ".qvf" to the end of each file, then import them back into Qlik Sense via the QMC.  All the data & connections still seem to be there.


          The only annoyance is the name of the app changes so you have to rename it after import, but it imports all its data, visualisations and connections. (It doesn't re-import the image files for the icons though - they have to be reloaded through QMC manually).