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    Not able to see load script after copy of published app

    Camron Allan

      I published an app and then I duplicated it so that I could continue to work on it, but I can no longer see my data load script.  I am the owner of the app.  I am a Content Admin.


      According to the documentation, the following workflow should be possible:


      1. Develop an app
      2. Publish it (at which point I should not be able to edit the script)
      3. Duplicate the app to "My Work" stream
      4. Edit the app (in "My Work" stream)
      5. Re-publish


      My problem is that, when I do step 3, I am not able to see the script in step 4.  This also happens when I try to export/import the app.


      I am using Qlik Sense 2.0.3.  Please see attached image.