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    QMC task dependencies - time for retries


      Trying to use task dependencies in QMC. I can't figure out the relationship between "Number of tries" and "Timeout in minutes" under Task Execution. Does it mean a) there will be a retry, up to the Number of tries - 1, with an interval set to Timeout in minutes, or does it mean that b) there will be a number of tries evently spaced out during the timespan of  Timeout in minutes, or c) something else?


      Below is the relevant section from Help, which does not make the above clear to me.






      Task Dependencies

      Task dependency is a way of making sure that the current task runs only if other tasks have finished their last execution successfully. The task dependencies overrule any trigger, which means that a trigger might not be able to start the current task, if a task dependency for the current task is not fulfilled. To configure a dependency for the current task, click on the Add icon, , to the right in the pane.


      Select the task(s), which must have been successfully executed before the current task can be executed, in the drop-down list.


      To entirely remove a task dependency, click on the Delete icon, .

      Task Execution Options

      Triggers can be allowed to attempt to start the current task a number of times during a time period.

      Number of Tries

      To choose a number of start attempts for the current task, enter the desired number in this text box.

      Default value: 1.

      Timeout in Minutes

      To choose a time period for the Number of Tries, enter the desired number in this text box.

      Default value: 1440, meaning 24 hours.