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    Similar function to BELOW?


      I have a Scenario, could some one help me how to do it using Qlikview.


      In the attached file, I have 3 columns to determine the result column. Please let me know whether we can do this using scripting or as a expression.



      If the first ID and the ID in the next line matches, Version is 1, Order is A and the next order is B or D then Result is Fruit.

      else if the version number in next row is summation of Version+1 and order is C and Order in next line is B then it is a Vegetable else Salads.

           ie: as per example quoted here,

                if (100 =100 (Next Line), If(Version=1 and Order=A and Order(Next Line)=B or D, 'Fruits',

                                                    if(Version(Next Line)= Version+1 and Order=C and Order(next Line)=B,'Vegetables'),'Salads').



      How can i fetch the next line data of a column? Can someone solve this?

      Is it best to use expressions in straight table or is there a way to do it via scripting?


      Suggest me!