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    KML data load issue


      I'm a new user of Qlick Sense Desktop currently investigating applicability and ease of use.

      I'm trying to create a map and have an issue with loading kml file.


      Error: Data load failed - Data was not loaded because of errors in the script. Please correct the script in the data load editor and reload the data.


      Would anybody be able to assist and provide guidance please?


      Here is the copy of the script:

      [Master Data] :

      LOAD [User_Name],



      [Job Function],


      FROM [lib://Inventory/Reports.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Master Data]);


      [World.shp/Features] :

      LOAD [world.Name] AS [Country2],


      FROM [lib://Qlik/world.kml]

      (kml, Table is [World.shp/Features]);


      Thank you.