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    Comparing a field value from Table1 to more than 1 value Table2

    Miguel Gavidia

      Hello there!


      I would like to know if there is an easier way to do this....


      I take the field CallerNumber from the MonthlySourceData and compare it against 4 fields in the Customers  table. If a match is found in any of the 4 fields, the value from InqLeaseNo in Customers table  should be copied to the MonthlySourceData table.

      I have managed to get the matching details by Applying Mapping tables on MonthlySourceData (ended up with 4 additional fields in MonthlySourceData); however, getting the InqLeaseNo seems to be a challenge...


      Keep in mind that the only connection between these 2 tables is the CallerNumber that could be found on any of the 4 customers fields.


      Any tips on working this out will be greatly appreciated.




      Miguel Gavidia