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    Can I add the total "Excellent" responses based on the latest survey?

      Hi There,


      We have a database from which we are pulling data from customer survey's. What we want to analyze is our customer's latest survey results for the selected time period from our users.Keep in mind that this user can provide feedback twice or even three times a year. So they can give us one response in January and one in March and I would like to look at results only from March and Disregard the ones in January.


      What i would like to have is a text box which says "Excellent:100" (For example) where the "100" stands for 100 respondents that gave us excellent results(Again we are looking only at their latest results). Doing this for the last year would be easy using just the "max(date)" function, but i would like this to be dynamic. Meaning - If the user selects 2015 he will see Excellent: 100 , but when he selects 2014 he would be able to see Excellent 90, or if they select march , they will see as latest results March , but if they select January they would be able to see only the January ones. I would like to somehow summarize my totals for the selected time period by the user.


      Much Appreciated,