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    Reload of MySql won't work from schedule within the Management Console

    Andrew Smith


      I have successfully  set up a Qlik View document which loads from a MySQL database using an SQL select statement and can reload using the Qlik View client (64-bit) and manual reload.


      However, I  want to set up auto reload onthe Server management console (64-bit) as I have with non-ODBC connected documents and it keeps failing.


      I have tried configuring the Directory Services Connector (DSC) within the Server console and can't seem to get anywhere. The Help guide is not much use. Has anyone had any experience of doing this or a more comprehensive working aid?


      Finally, I have tried not using the DSC and that doesn't work either, though others seem to say that this does work. I wish I could provide screen shots but unfortunately we are air-gapped from the Internet.