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    QlikSense: Images in Tables

    Syed Hussain



      Is there a way to insert images in Tables in QlikSense just like Qlikview?


      We have a table in QlikSense with +ve and -ve values and would like to show respective up and down arrow images in the table.  How is it possible?


      Will appreciate assistance.



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          Brian Holborow



          you can use geometric shapes and set their colour: for example the up arrow is chr(9650) and the down arrow is chr(9660) - so add a measure to the table with an expression along the lines of




          and then write a similar expression for the text color expression, for example




          Check Wikipedia or elsewhere on the net for other geometric shapes.


          Hope that helps.

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            Syed Hussain



            Thanks a lot.  The geometric shapes are working nicely.


            So i guess at this time we do not have the feature of inserting images in QlikSense Table.


            Thanks again.