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    Need Help

    Raju Kannuri

      Hi Community,


      I have one requiremnt..

      Is it possible to play audio file using extension???


      i have tried like this code




      <audio controls>

        <source src="sample.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">





      But it showing Source error....

      Any idea on this???


      Thanks in Advance........

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          Tresesco B
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              Raju Kannuri

              HI Tresesco,


              I have seen that extensions.... little help for me..


              Actually my requirement.....

              Direct we have option Document F4---> Opening Tab----> Sound we can select here..

              but this option for whole application...


              Suppose I have 3 sheets, i have one buttion in sheet1 and navigate to sheet3,  if i am comes to sheet3 i want to play music...

              is there any option or conditions like that???


              Extension Or Any layout properties...???

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              The problem comes from the URL of your mp3 file.

              If this file is in the same directory of your extension, its URL should be:



              This will work in qlikview desktop but not on qlikview server. You'll have to use this javascript code to define an URL that will work for both environment:

              var url  = Qva.Remote + (Qva.Remote.indexOf('?') >= 0 ? '&' : '?') + 'public=only&name=Extensions/MY-EXTENSION/sample.mp3';