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    Large image in dashboard



      i am currently trying to place a large image into a dashboard, however due to the size constraints, is there any way for me to create an image that is able to scroll. The size of my image 800 x 1600.


      I am creating a dashboard that is able to display the contents of the email for each campaign i create, i have linked to the pictures through a variable that has the file path for the pictures that i want to display. This is linked to each campaign that i do. Currently i'm trying to display it through a pivot table however the table only displays half of my image as the image is to long to be displayed fully. I tried using a text object but after the scaling is not working for me, it will display only half of my image.


      Is there anyway to display a large image on a table or using any other objects, or is there anyway i can scroll down a picture that is displayed through a text object.