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    how to use expression for dimension and measure in QilkSense Bar chart

    Mohit Dahiya

      I am working on QlikSense and having one table with two columns Date and Stock. I just need to show barchart to show previous three months stock using stock date like current month month0, previous month month1 and rest all in month2.


      StockDate       Stock

      08/02/2014      100

      07/02/2014      200

      08/02/2015      100

      07/02/2015      100

      06/02/2015      100


      These value we need to change on Date selection also i.e if someone select Aug 2014 then current month is Aug 2014.


      I am using Expression in dimension to make Month0, Month1 etc but facing problem to use same expression for measure (it's not returning correct data).


      So can anyone help how to map measure part with dimension if we are making dimension using expression?


      Many Thanks