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    Quarter variables not holding any data

      Dear QlikComm,


      Hey guys, I'm having some difficulty with my quarter variables.

      if I make a table with quarters I get the data fine, but when I define variables to compare the quarters I don't get any data.


      My quarters are filled with


      'Q' & Ceil(Month(datum)/3) as  Quarter



      And I have defined the following variables:

      Let vCurrentQtr = ceil(month(Today())/3);

      Let vPreviousQtr = if(Mod(fabs(vCurrentQtr-1),4)=0, 4, Mod(fabs(vCurrentQtr-1),4));

      let vCurrentQuarterNumber = lookup( 'QuarterCounter', 'DateId', date(today(), 'DD/MM/YYYY'), 't1' );


      But if I use the following expression to fill a table I get 0's

      (sum({<Quarter={'$(vPreviousQtr)'}>} HRM_Paginaweergaven))


      Does anyone know why that is? Thanks...