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    Getting Prior Year in Set Analysis

    Timothy J Carroll

      I am stuck with a bit of set analysis. I want to display this year's and last year's totals, using year as a dimension. I can get everything but have to enter last year. I cannot get anything to work. Any help? The formula I am using is:


      =Sum({1<[Sale WeekNum]={"=Week(GetFieldSelections([Sale Week Of]))"}>*(1<[Sale Year]={"=Year(GetFieldSelections([Sale Week Of]))"}> + 1<[Sale Year]={"2014"}>)}[SALE FLAG])


      Again, if I replace 2014 with any formula, I lose those. I have tried many variations of {"=Year(GetFieldSelections([Sale Week Of]))-1"} to no avail. I have tried AddMonths. Thanks for your help. (I hope I have posted this in the correct place.)