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    Can I have many folder just for 1 Project ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      HI All


      i have a QV Doc which consist of many table , sales order , inventory , AR , AP.

      Now I make use of one folder and insider the folder I have many sheet for sales order report 5 sheet , AP HAVE 5 sheet and AR have 4 sheet . And inventory have 4 sheet. Total 18 sheet In 1 folder. which is very messy.


      i Am thinking to create 4 separate folder ,  below :-

      Sales Order





      BUt IN this case I need to update QVF file 4 time , in order for update the data. I mean reload the script.


      it is possible to make it only need to reload in 1 folder instead of 4 folder ?


      Remark :- I cannot load individual table because I need all table to link to each other.