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    Named License Lease Clarification

    chinna katiki

      Dear All,


      I'm looking for a clarification regarding Named License Lease.

      we are using Qlikview 11.2 sr8.


      Currenlty we are using the custom authentication in our server. when ever any named user want to lease the license from the desktop client , I had to add that user id in server local users group(Control Panel-->User Accounts-->Edit Local users and Groups--> Users), then only they are able to lease licese. If I'm not adding users in Local Users Group I'm getting attached error.


      We are planning to upgrade the Qlikview security from Custom authentication to LDAP Authentication.

      If I'm using the LDAP and if our users and server on the same ldap domain i think no longer we need to add users in LOCAL USERS group.


      Issue is :


      Our Qlikview server is in XXXX domain and Our users are in different LDAP directory. So, Do we need to add named users in LOCAL USERS group inorder to lease license to their desktop??


      Note: when I updgraded security in our TEST server, I was able to authenticate users in Access Point. As I cannot lease license from test server to verify the Named License lease, I want to get it calrified before upgrading security in Prod.