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    How to learn scripting to build charts that are not available in the Chart Object?

      Hi I'm a junior Data Analyst and everyday my job needs me to build various charts such as Bar plots, Scatter plots, Line graphs, and more importantly Box Plots and Histograms, or build Quartiles and etc. But the QlikView chart object GUI doesn't contain any interface for building Histograms or Boxplots or Quartiles, at least not that I know of in the manner as I do with the Bar graphs and Straight tables.


      Recently I was looking for a way to build Quartiles. I needed to build 'Summary Statistics' for some fields in the data and the Statistics Box object did not provide Quartiles. I saw a post about using Fractile function with 0.75 or 0.25 as the parameters for the function in order to create Quartiles. Though it didn't work for me, I understood that building such graphs that are not a part of QlikView visual interface is still possible by writing code.


      So, I would like to request you all for some learning resources, such as books or anything helpful, where I can learn to code complex statistical features such as Quartiles, various kinds of graphs like Boxplots, Histograms, Normalized curves, or many more such concepts of statistics into Qlikview. (also, possibly in QlikSense as well??)


      Please help. It is really important that I learn this skill.