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    Selection bar shows field, not title in Sense

      The title defaults to field if not overridden but if you want to give another "display" name on the sheet, should QS not been consistent and use that name/title in the selection bar too ?


      I understand the field can be renamed in the load script but then what's the point for the title. And sometime it is not possible: if you declare a "Calendar" field definition and derive a date field e.g. DAT to Year, Month,... you end up with compound fieldnames that you cannot change.

      As a matter of fact, even if I renamed a DAT.Calendar.Year to "Year" in the master items, the selection still shows the original field name.


      Thoughts ?

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          Andy Weir

          Hi Yannick


          The filter is not on a chart object but rather the underlying data model as a whole.  You can filter a field from any of the chart objects displayed. If you had the chart title you filtered from and included it in the name the selection displayed it would be long and misleading as in effect filtering on country=United kingdom is filtering your entire dashboard not just the chart to chose to click on United Kingdom to filter.


          Hope that makes sense.



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              Andy - it does make sense but then again I feel derived fields are missing a rename functionality.

              In my example, if you were to filter on a derived calendar field (e.g. DueDate.Calendar.Year), that is the field that will show in the selection bar - and it can (will certainly) be truncated.


              While the idea of derived fields is good, I prefer to define year, month and other date-parts in the LOAD script as separate calculated fields just to keep control on the names.


              @Qlik - care to comment if the DERIVE function would allow explicit derived field names in a future release ?

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              Bella Mae

              I am finding this issue difficult as well as the field or expression also comes up when you use getcurrentselections() too. So instead of for example,

              Reporting Year: 2015

              I get

              if([Reporting Year}>2002, [Reporting Year], Null()): 2015

              which my user doesn't need to see, I can't build this into the script as the other data is needed elsewhere in the app.