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    nPrinting server Install



      I am trying to set up nPrinting server and am following the notes here:http://community.vizubi.com/knowledgebase/articles/290516-best-practices-for-an-qlikview-nprinting-designer

      I have installed nPrinting server and am now tring to install Qlikview local client (v11.2) as required. However, it fails each time and the installation log has the message that a later version is already installed. I have double-checked and i) there is no other version installed and ii) I have downloaded the latest version of the Qlikview client so there couldn't be a later version.

      Is the Qlikview install confusing Qlikview and nPrinting somehow and seeing nPrinting V16 as a later version of Qlikview?


      Any help is much appreciated