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    Leading zero - Export data

      When exporting data from Qlik Sense, number stored as text 012345 will be exported to excel as 12345.

      I looked in the sheet1.xml and the actual value in the cell is 12345 so I can't fix the file after the export. Is there a way to force Qlik Sense to export a field as text?


      I can't do format the cell in excel afterwards with TEXT(A2;"000000") because field I am exporting has different lengths. There can be 01 and 000123456789.


      My temporary fix is too concatenate a character to the field with a calculated dimension =chr(39)&[PartNo.] and then removing it in excel with this formula RIGHT(A2;LEN(A2)-1). It works but I wish there was a way to make Sense export a field as text.