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    Qlik Sense Date

    Christoph Hebig

      Hi Community,

      it's me again.


      I got a SQL Database with 15 timestamps (from 01.03.2005 hh:mm:ss.ffff to 01.04.2005 hh:mm:ss.ffff).

      When i check the dates in my SQL viewer (SQLStudio) the timestamps are correct, but as soon as i try to load the data, the dates a getting converted to "09.24.2015 hh:mm:ss.ffff" (todays date).

      The other weird thing is that as soon as "today" (in the new timestamp) would it, Qlik starts again with the 24th of September 2015.


      Can anyone give me a hint what it could be?




      P.S.: I'm using Qlik Sense Desktop 2.1.1 (newest version at the moment)