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    Canonical date

      Hi all,




      I have created a canonical date using below script.



           Mapping Load invitation_id, Date Resident INVITATION ;


           Mapping Load invitation_id, date_accessed Resident SIGNUPACTIVITYLOG ;




           Load invitation_id, Applymap('invitation_id2Date',invitation_id,Null()) as CanonicalDate, 'invitation' as DateType

                Resident INVITATION;       

           Load invitation_id, Applymap('invitation_id2date_accessed',invitation_id,Null()) as CanonicalDate, 'accessed' as DateType

                Resident SIGNUPACTIVITYLOG ;    

           Load invitation_id, date_completed as CanonicalDate, 'completion' as DateType

                Resident COURSECOMPLETION;



      I have used canonical date in my sheet, when i filtered the canonical date it's not applying the filter, some extra data is adding.

      I have attached the image where you can see i have filtered for date 20/09/2015 but why 23rd and 21st is adding.

      can any one explain why this is happening?





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          Henric Cronström

          This is how a canonical date works. So you have probably done it correctly.


          You have three dates: Invitation date, Accessed date and Completion date. If you select 20/09/2015 in your canonical date, then you will select all invitations where any of the three dates has this value. But (for a specific invitation) the other two dates may still have other values...