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    Hierarchy load, NodeName has to be the same as one of the IDs

      Hello everyone,

      Last time my question stayed unsolved, hope not this time

      Down there is a database table, all columns shown:

      Serie1 + Num1 + Id1 are columns concatnated as an ID for contract code. (CONCAT(Serie1, '/', Num1, '/', Id1) AS Parent)

      Serie2 + Num2 + Id2 are columns concatnated as an ID for another document. (CONCAT(Serie2, '/', Num2, '/', Id2)  AS Son)

      Those two IDs are in parent-son relationship and also the only ID I have to join it with other tables and very important information I want to make the hierarchy tree about 5 levels.







      I have tried this in QlikView:



          Parent     AS id_parent,

          Son AS id_son,

          Son    AS Descr;



          CONCAT(Serie1, '/', Num1, '/', Id1) AS Parent,

          CONCAT(Serie2, '/', Num2, '/', Id2)  AS Son


      WHERE Serie2<>'VO';

      UNQUALIFY *;


      HIERARCHY(id_son, id_parent, Descr)





      Resident [RP];

      But an error appears telling that NodeName is not a valid field! (when using resident load; ODBC error when trying to make hierarchy straight from the first table. RP-NodeList table was made, then it crashed.)

      Wanted output is tree with IDs like: 20/2015/1 - VP/2015/16598 - VP/2015/36577.... and so on...

      Thank you!