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    Accumulate the Value in Script


      can you help me, ? i want to accumulate the value in the script, but i don't know how to make it, i tried to use range sum and  peek() but it doesn't work, help me please

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Perhaps like this:



          LOAD ItemCode,




          FROM [comm182616.qvd] (qvd);



          LOAD * , if(ItemCode = previous(ItemCode), rangesum(QtyPackingslip,peek([Acc Qty Packingslip])), QtyPackingslip) as [Acc Qty Packingslip]

          RESIDENT Temp

          ORDER BY Product, ItemCode, Date;


          DROP TABLE Temp;

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            Thomas Karner

            Try this (to be modified for your situation)


            // assumption: data is on level of %CATEG1_KEY, %CATEG2_KEY, Year, Month
              If(Year = Peek('Year', -1) AND // if year of current record = year of pevious record and
                %CATEG1_KEY = Peek('%CATEG1_KEY', -1) AND // if same %CATEG1_KEY as previous record and
                  %CATEG2_KEY = Peek('%CATEG2_KEY', -1), // if same %CATEG2_KEY as previous record
              RangeSum(Peek('Sales_Acc', -1), Sales), // previous month + current month
              RangeSum(Sales)) // use only first month of new year
              AS Sales_Acc
            Resident Sales
            ORDER BY %CATEG1_KEY, %CATEG2_KEY, Year, Month; // order records by all categories (%CATEG1_KEY, %CATEG1_KEY), Year and Month to use peek function for accumulation

            If this helps you please mark it as helpful or correct.