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    connect/map loaded static data with dynamical generated data

    Paul Steinborn

      Dear Community,


      i need to connect data that was previously loaded with data which is generated dynamically with the help of an expression.

      The dynamic part need to happen inside the report and not inside the load script.

      See picture and attached qvw.



      How can be achieved this?

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          Bill Markham

          Not sure I entirely understand what you are after, but using the Class() function in the GUI could help.


          Below pasted form QV Desktop Help :


          class(expression, interval [ , label [ , offset ]])

          Creates a classification of expressions. The bin width is determined by the number set as interval. The result is shown as a<=x<b, where a and b are the upper and lower limits of the bin. The x can be replaced by an arbitrary string stated in label. 0 is normally the default starting point of the classification. This can be changed by adding an offset.


          class( var,10 ) with var = 23 returns '20<=x<30'

          class( var,5,'value' ) with var = 23 returns '20<= value <25'

          class( var,10,'x',5 ) with var = 23 returns '15<=x<25'

          ... or maybe this blog post from our friend HIC :