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    Having problem with NULL in set analysis

    Darri Hilmarsson

      Hi QlikView


      I got one problem I have been trying to find solution to.


      this is my dataset. Pretty simple.


      Sales PersonType CompanyRevenue
      Bill1Ferrari   100.000    
      John1Audi   250.000    
      David1Porche   300.000    
      Stuart3Fiat   450.000    
      Bond3Volvo   125.000    
      NULLNULLTesla   130.000    
      NULLNULLVW   280.000    


      But I got one problem regarding making a straight table that shows only information that has type 1 and Null (exclude 3).

      I have been trying to use set analysis but I have problem regarding NULL.


      I want the view to look like this



      BillFerrari 100.000    
      JohnAudi   250.000    
      DavidPorche   300.000    
      NULLTesla   130.000