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    if statement and date functions

    Channing Dionisopoulos

      Hi Community,


      I am trying to make a chart like the one below.  I have many fields, two of which are: Open QNs (a columns of 0s and 1s, 0 meaning the QN is not open and 1 meaning that the QN is open, so we care about the 1s) and Createdate (when the QN was created, in number format).  I assigned a variable for each year.  For 2015 for example, this is my expression:


      if(today() - CreateDate >60,



      OPEN_QN_FLG), 0)


      Basically for each year, I want a sum of all of the open flags (1s) that have been opened for more than 60 days.


      Can anyone help me out?




      open QNs.png