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    dates and flooring

    Channing Dionisopoulos

      Hi community,

      I am trying to add up all of the OPEN_QN_FLGs for each year only if the create date has been greater than 60 years.


      I set the following variable:


      LET v60Days = floor(today(1)) - 60;


      My expression is the following:

      sum({<YEAR_NO={$(vCurrentYear), CreateDate = {$(v60Days)}>} OPEN_QN_FLG), 0)


      I am getting the error "No Data to Display" on the chart.  I think it is because the CreateDate field is in this number format: xxxxx.xxxxxxx, so is different than the date format. Do I need to floor the create date to make it the same format as the variable?  Can someone explain to me how to do so?