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    Using QlikSense Across Environments

      We are going to be using QlikSense Enterprise as an “embedded solution” into our product.



      Q1) How do we use Qlik Enterprise across many environments, so we can develop in a DEVELOPMENT environment and deploy to PRODUCTION at our own timing?

      Q2) How can we best use source control to track and protect our work, and see the history of our development?


      For example, when building a new feature in a team environment, the team builds our new feature (in C#) in a protected source control branch allowing us to share code with each other, and the QA Team tests the feature built from our source control branch in a protected environment.  When choosing to deploy the feature to our PRODUCTION Environment we merge the code to the source control trunk, and then from the trunk deploy the code to the PRODUCTION servers allowing us to deploy at our own timing.


      How do we do something similar with QlikSense? For:

      • QlikSense Apps
      • Load Scripts
      • Widget Graphs
      • etc


      Are there articles about this?



      The closest article, I could find is: https://community.qlik.com/message/861040#861040, but it remains unanswered.  And the one answer given is for QlikView.




      NOTE: Currently we are aiming toward a multi-app solution—1 QlikSense App for each of our many clients.