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    Cache Expiry ~ security group vs user ID



      Here's the situation: i hooked up QVS and AD server, defined username and password to connect to a directory service, and set to expire cache in 1 minute.


      When i distribute the apps i noticed strange behaviour;

      1) if i define my app recipients by adding user IDs manually, the app shows almost immediately after reload on accesspoint

      2) if i define m app recipients b adding a security group, the app shows only after +/- 15-20 minutes on accesspoint


      Has anyone else observed the same behaviour? What is the best way to resolve this security group timing issue?



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          In general we will see some delay if we assign the receipients to the security group, as we will have more number of receipients then the dealy is worth noting.. I guess, the server will check are there any read/write options that need to be override as compared to the individuals..




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              Thanks for your thoughts Sreeni.


              Couple of comments:

              * what difference does it make in adding 25 users individually to distributions vs adding those to one security group and then the security group to distribution?

              * what exactly is the server checking? What do you mean by read/write options?




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                  Hi Marko,


                  I suggest to have a security group to be added rather than individual to be added. And its the best practice as you can have similar rights for the group of users


                  Lets say, you have 10 people assigned to one group, but if you want to restrict the access (lets say qvw download permissions or anything else) to one individual, then you can add the user again with the restricted access. I believe this user permissions will be override than the group permissions.