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    Qvd file does not exists while updating updating oracle tables using qlik incremental generator

    daniesh shaikh

      Hi Expert,


      I am trying to create a dash board from Oracle EBS using qlikview.


      Everything is working fine. Uploaded the qvc file and all the qvd files are also getting generated. I am getting an error


      27/09/2015 2:58:23 PM: 1686     'INFO' as [Qvc.LogMessage_Level],
      27/09/2015 2:58:23 PM: 1687          num(7, '00000') & ' ' & now(1) & '; ' & 'QVD ..\QVDs\\XX_AP_INVOICE_LINES_ALL.qvd does not exist. Doing full reload where IL_LAST_UPDATE_DATE >= TIMESTAMP ''1990-01-01 00:00:00''.' as [Qvc.LogMessage]

      27/09/2015 2:58:23 PM: 1688          AUTOGENERATE 1


      I can see that XX_AP_INVOICE_LINES_ALL.qvd is getting generated under XX_AP_INVOICE_LINES_ALL.qvd then also i am getting an error it does not exist.


      I am using the below to upload invoice tables.


      CALL Qvc.Log('>>>  Incremental Load of AP Invoices All with inserts & updates');



      // Calling parameters are Tablename, UpdateColumn, QVD_PrimaryKey.





      [$(Qvc.Loader.v.Tablename)]: // vTablename is set by the IncrementalSetup routine.

      LOAD *;

      SQL SELECT *


          WHERE  $(Qvc.Loader.v.IncrementalExpression); // IncrementalExpression is set up the Qvc.IncrementalSetup routine.                        



      Call Qvc.Log ('AP Invoices All Incremental Expression = ' & '$(Qvc.Loader.v.IncrementalExpression)');

      // Log the ending stats

      Call Qvc.Log ('$(Qvc.Loader.v.Tablename) loaded, rows=' & num(NoOfRows('$(Qvc.Loader.v.Tablename)'), '#,##0'));



      // Update the QVD with the changed rows

      CALL Qvc.IncrementalStore;


      I don't where i am making a mistake.


      Please suggest.


      I have attached a log file.