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    Linking help???

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks ,


      Below is my table scenario:




      Here Complaint_number ="srqnr"  , Company_Name="sfabez" , Company_Number ="sfanr" , %SPR_STAMM ="nrqnr"


      Example:  I have searched for Complain _Number : C-2015-0843 and I got %SPR_STAMM=35189001 , now if I searched this number inside "NQRQNR" , I'm getting Complain_Number = S-2015-1508 and in parallel Company_Name and Number.



      What finally I'm looking for is to create a straight table as output:


      Please suggest how to do this.




        • Re: Linking help???
          Marcus Sommer

          I'm not sure if I understand your issue but it might be helpful if you both RQMS Stamm tables per joining or mapping includes into the RQMS Fehler table.


          Btw. the structure of the datamodel and the associations between the tables could be better displayed with a screenshot from the table-viewer (ctrl + t).


          - Marcus