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    filter straight table by input box

    Chandan Chakraborty


      I have a straight table of four fileds,the structure as follows:



      Area Garden [Invoice Date] [Qty IN KG]

      Dooars AIB 12/DEC/2010 20.00

      Dooars CHA 13/DEC/2010 30.00

      Dooars AIB 14/DEC/2010 19.00

      Dooars LEE 01/DEC/2010 32.00

      Dooars SAN 15/DEC/2010 49.00

      ASSAM AMG 01/DEC/2010 21.00


      I want to filter rows of the straight table by two input boxes.Both the input boxes will work on 'Invoice Date' field.

      As per my selection of date range in the input fields the stight table must be filtered.



      Help plz.Thanks in advance,