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    Reinhold Graf



      I have the following data:

      • key-figure (hierarchical: e.g. P&L-Figures, Sales, Sales-Domestic)
      • regions (hierarchical: e.gl. EU-Germany-state)


      I want to show 2 charts:

      • selected key-figure for selected region, month by month
      • sales (specific key-figure) for selected region, month by month


      First chart - no problem

      Second chart: Must use selected region but not selected key-figure (use "sales" instead).


      To solve this problem, I tried to use SetExpressions.

      Unfortunately, I am new to QS and don't have the time to spend hours on trial and error.

      I was looking on Fabrice Aunez's manual "The Sets Analysis",


      Set Analysis: syntaxes, examples


      which is excellent but for a non-programmer and newbie hard to understand...


      Any idea to this will  be appreciated.