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    Howto embed images in QVF with Qlik Sense Server

    Daniel Peger



      in the Qlik Sense 2.0 release notes I just saw, the following interesting changes:


      Qlik Sense Desktop

      Move apps

      When you save an app that you have created in Qlik Sense Desktop, the images included in the app are bundled together with the rest of the contents of the app. This makes it easier to share an app with another Qlik Sense Desktop user.


      Qlik Engine API

      Images can be embedded in a qvf file

      Images can be embedded in qvf files. For example, you can add a thumbnail in a qvf file or embed an image in a generic object.

      New structs:

        • StaticContentUrl

        • StaticContentUrlDef

      Updated methods:

        • SetAppProperties method

        • GetAppProperties method

        • GetAppLayout method


      For some reason I expected the images bundled with a QVF file to be available in Qlik Sense Server as well, but this unfortunately doesn't work as expected.


      Is there any way to access the bundled content from the Qlik Sense Hub? Or is this a Desktop only feature?


      Best regards