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    If, then and else formula with a sum in it

    Louise Grauss-Spoormaker

      How do I write the right formula for:


      If [Field B] =0


      sum([Field C]*[Field D])


      If [Field B] >=1


      sum([Field B]*[Field C]*[Field D])


      I want to make an Master Item of it for a KPI diagram and I want the total sum in it.

      In the example that would be € 4.312,60


      Field AField BField CField DSum


      I want it to be looked at per line so I think that the 'sum' comes first and then the 'if' but I can not get a working formula.


      I tried it both ways


      sum(if( [Field B] = 0, Then [Field C]*[Field D], Else[Field B]*[Field C]*[Field D]))


      if [Field B] = 0,

      Then sum([Field C]*[Field D]),

      Else sum([Field B]*[Field C]*[Field D]))

      End if

      and many versions of it, with and without commas or with or without spaces or with or without '= sign', or with and without enters, with capital letters, etc.

      Is there anyone who can help me?