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    How to import 1 recipient with 3 filters for 3 different connections

    Linda Monincx



      I am trying to use the import wizard to upload one recipient ,

      in my report i am using 3 different qlikview documents with in each Customername,as a filter field

      I want in my import wizard to add to this one recipient filter Customername=X for connection 1 and filter Customername=X for connection 2 and filter Customername= X for connection 3.


      It works when i do it manualy but i rather have it in an automated proces.


      I can't imagine this is not facilitated,  I just need to know how to do this.


      Not using a connection results ( although filterfieldname and content are all over the same) that the filter is only applied on the first connection.


      Many thanks!


      Linda Monincx