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    licensing for access to mashups (embedded in web pages)?

    Simon Hogg

      I'd like to embed some small visualisations in some web pages on our company intranet to show interesting things about the company's activity.  I'm trying to understand the licensing requirement and think I have it worked out (which is not a good-value use case for us).

      Is it correct that each viewer of the web page needs a valid token (most probably anonymous, so login-based).  The login session in that case will be used up like a regular login token (ten one-hour chunks, reset every 28 days).

      OR is it that the web page/server needs a login token to access the api, and this will be used with whoever is viewing the web page at that time? So the token 'belongs' to the web server which then authenticates with Qlik?

      With 1000+ users, each of whom might visit the page for a few seconds, it seems a waste to use up the login tokens so quickly, so I wonder if anybody had any real-world experience of this?

      Thanks in advance.