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    Bad QlikView Server Performance


      we have QV machine which is located at clients site in another country.

      I am working on this machine in remote from another jump server (actually, 2 remotes).

      The machine has Windows 2008 R2 operational system, 32 GB RAM memory and 4 CPUs.

      Any time I am trying to open Qlikview model of 350 MB , it stucks.

      I can't save it, can't move between tabs.

      When I am trying to open it, CPU and memory climb to 100% / 99%.


      In a while memory comes down to some reasonable level like 68%, CPU stays 100%.

      Although when CPU comes down to some reasonable level, the model is still untouchable, inaccessible and so on.


      I am doing restarts to this machine several times a day.


      What can be the reason for this behavior?


      Please assist me.