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    expression with parameters in a pivot

      In a pivot table I've a dimension field (YEAR_MONTH) and a measure given by an expression with a parameter (MyDim ($1)), I'd like to Pass as parameter a numeric value (MONTH_ID) related to the dimension field, I tought this cold be a solution


      $(vMyDim( $(=aggr(only(YEAR_MONTH_ID),YEAR_MONTH))))


      but it doesn't work (only works when a single value is selce in YEAR_MONTH)


      At The moment I've found a terrible  workaround :


      if(aggr(only(YEAR_MONTH_ID),YEAR_MONTH)=1,$(vMyDim(1)), if(aggr(only(YEAR_MONTH_ID),YEAR_MONTH)=2,$(vMyDim(2)),0))


      Have you any suggestions?